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2 May 2017

Up side limited. Watch out for USA political progress, interest rate movement, tax cut approval, war tension, etc


2 Jan 2017

Possible of world markets recover.


18 April 2016

Market over optimistic even though economics and corporate financial results disappointed.


2 Feb 2016

Fed statement to support market. 


30 Nov 2015

Possibility of Feb rate hike and cause share market instability.


8 July 2015

Crude oil price up side limited, avoid chasing up. KLCI may not reach bottom for this year yet. 


28 April 2015

1MDB issues affecting market direction event though some asia markets like Hong Kong and China going up.


Update Date: 1 January 2015

Happy New Year to every one !!!  Below is the summary for world share market indices performance in year 2014.

World Indices 31 Dec 2013 closing 31 Dec 2014 closing % change
KLSE 1866.96 1761.25 -5.66
S & P 500 1848.36 2059.19 11.41
Dow Jones 16576.66 17824.22 7.53
Nasdaq 4176.59 4737.31 13.43
Shanghai Composite Index 2115.98 3234.68 52.87
Hang Seng Index 23306.39 23592.43 1.23
BSESN Index (India) 21170.68 27496.6 29.88
Jakarta Composite Index 4274.18 5226.95 22.29
Nikkei 225 Index 16291.31 17483.57 7.32
Straits Times Index 3167.43 3365.15 6.24
KOSPI Index 2011.34 1926.44 -4.22
Taiwan Index 8611.51 9282.65 7.79
CAC 4295.95 4272.75 -0.54
DAX 9552.16 9805.55 2.65
FTSE 6749.09 6574.33 -2.59
Italy Index 18967.71 19011.96 0.23
MSCI Thailand 68.65 77.46 12.83
Philippine Index 5889.83 7230.57 22.76


Shanghai index is the top performance follow by India, Philippine, Jakarta, Nasdaq and S & P 500. Europe indices only have minor change.

KLSE index is the worst performancer in the list above. We are the only organization who accurately warned and forecasted the set back of KLSE index and shares in year 2014. Irrational and expensive valuation will face adjustment and it always give surprise to many investors or traders. December 2014 also was the worst performance December  since year 1994. 

For year 2015, it will be more challenging and we keep our caution view for local markets. For overseas markets, surprise set back of certain shares and indices can not be avoided when the time come.  

Even though local share market not perform well in year 2014, our students have avoided loss from the set back and many of them gain from the futures and CFD trading. 


Upate Date: 1 November 2014

There were some experts and weather forecasters predicted dry weather happen in 3rd or 4th quarter of 2014 in the area of southeast asia and palm oil price can sustain around 3000 or higher for for months. Time had proved the prediction was wrong. Palm oil price went down from almost 2960 to about 1915 points. Our training prevent our students from listening to those kind of forecasters and learn the skill of technical and fundamental analysis. Our students achieved significant profits from palm oil futures trading.


Update Date: 23 April 2014

When euphoric or irrational investors and traders push up many shares to high range of valuation, bad news become good news and good news still a good news. History shows there were adjustment to normal when euphoric happen for some times.This could be wrong if the world is really crazy. Investors and traders must caution because the profit from certain shares just like firework, they can see for a while but when it over, they may encountered loss for some times or long time.    


Update Date: 28 March 2014

In the investment world, there is some false information published on the internet and media. Example for the case of MH370, there is some information on the internet and media which are not tue.The false information will affect investors and traders decision cause them make wrong decision. Our training can train traders and investors to avoid as much as possible the false information and make the wise decisions and the most accurate decisions as they can. One decision can cause a person go to heaven or go to hell.


Update Date: 1 January 2014

Happy New Year to every one !!!  Below is the summary for world share market indices performance in year 2013.

Indies 31 Dec 2012 closing 31 Dec 2013 closing % change
KLSE 1688.95 1866.96 10.54
S & P 500 1426.19 1848.36 29.60
Dow Jones 13104.14 16576.66 26.50
Nasdaq 3019.51 4176.59 38.32
Shanghai Composite Index 2269.13 2115.98 -6.75
Hang Seng Index 22656.92 23306.39 2.87
BSESN Index (India) 19426.71 21170.68 8.98
Jakarta Composite Index 4316.69 4274.18 -0.98
Nikkei 225 Index 10395.18 16291.31 56.72
Straits Times Index 3167.08 3167.43 0.01
KOSPI Index 1997.05 2011.34 0.72
Taiwan Index 7699.5 8611.51 11.85
CAC 3641.07 4295.95 17.99
DAX 7612.39 9552.16 25.48
FTSE 5897.8 6749.09 14.43
Italy Index 16273.4 18967.71 16.56
MSCI Thailand 82.49 68.65 -16.78
Philippine Index 5812.73 5889.83 1.33

Japan index is the top performance follow by Nasdaq and S & P 500.

Shanghai, Jakarta and Thailand indices in negative performance. Although China economy and GDP above 7, but shares and indices not performance same as the economy. Investors must aware that shares and indices not only affected by economy. Many China unit trust or fund investors lost money from year 2012 to 2013. Learn more through our training to discover what affect the performance.

Thailand, Jakarta and Philippine indices in down trend these few months and below 200 days moving average. Foreign fund exit from these countries including Malaysia. KLSE still able to up more than 10% due to pushing up by local funds especially government funds.

Investors have to be caution when select markets and shares as not every markets and shares will follow US market trend.

For Malaysia shares and futures traders, it is unforgetable the performance of 6 May 2013 due to a big surge up of index in the history (130 points intra day) and opposite of many traders' expectation. Traders must learn the risk management for capital and profit protection. While KLSE index perform well, but there are many shares in down trend. It is essential to learn share selection and futures trading methods through our training.


Update Date: 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas to every one !!! Finally Federal Reserve of United States announced reduction of monthly bond purchase of $85 billions to $75 billions start from January 2014.  

Malaysia property investors is facing harder time as government impose up to 30% of Real Property Gain Tax, cancel of DIBS (developer interest bearing scheme), etc. This make trading of shares, futures and CFD become more attractive.

Many share market indices break historical record high, example Dow Jones, S & P 500, KLCI, DAX (German) and BSE 30 (India). Some share market indices still under consolidation example China, Thailand, Philippine and Indonesia.


Update Date: 15 October 2013

Two years ago, there were discussions about world financial crisis perfect storm happen in year 2012 or 2013. The storm still not happening until now. Is it a possibility of the delay timing of perfect storm occurence ? How long the artificially created economy growth and asset bubble in certain countries can sustain ? Will the world centre banks allow the economy continue to grow with increasing bigger ballon of bubble and bigger ballon of debt ? How they will go through the process of reset or neutralization ? Find out from us through our training how you can analyze different parameters, technical indicators, policies of world centre banks, etc ? Through the training, you will learn how to minimize risk, capital protection and how to earn from different market directions. 


Update Date: 23 September 2013

In these few months, there is a drama playing about the tapering of QE3 or not tapering of QE3. Learn from us how you should handle your investment and trading in the tricky market. Learn from us how you should profit from the rolling coaster market and the risk of emerging market.


Update Date: 5 August 2013

In these few years, a lot of investors and fund managers invest in China stocks or funds due to the valuation cheap and expecting China GDP maintain high growth of 8% or above. Unfortunately Shanghai composite index in a down trend since year 2010. Investors or fund managers who expecting investment return gain in 3 years are not getting what they want. 

Learn from our training how to minimize or avoid this kind of mistake. Learn how the economy and valuation of share market affect the trend of markets and shares.

Learn from us how the KLSE composite index correlate to S & P 500 and Dow Jones of US markets.


Update Date: 29 July 2013

Malaysia share market is one of the most resilence market in the world. Investors should learn the selection of shares as the bull market started since March 2009 but only some of the shares perform well every year.

Selection of shares and timing of entry and exit are very important to invest or trade in any market.

Sign up our training and discover all the skills required for trading and investment.


Update Date: 22 July 2013

When gold price top in year 2011, most people predict it will continue up trend and it is not a bubble. This is one of the mistake of those investors. Bubble is recognized when the significant down trend occurred, investors paid an expensive lesson. Will this happen to world share markets ? Find out more from our training programs.

Investors don't surprise that many shares' valuation more that PE 20 but the net profit earning of the companies reducing or near to flat from the current year to next few years. It is just a matter of time those high valuation share prices will encountered significant correction.   


Update Date: 15 July 2013

Recessions or Crisis Create Millionaires

In the last 80 years, every share market crisis ended and followed by the next boom. Every share market boom also ended and shifted to crisis. The cycle continues and continues. People who invest in high quality companies at distressed prices would become millionaires when the boom came. “Recessions create millionaires”.  

Everybody has the ability to build a successful business, become the best in their field, make a million dollars etc… All it takes is learning the right strategies and taking massive action.

‘Fear’, ‘uncertainty’, ‘doubt’, ‘depression’, ‘frustration’, ‘anger’, ‘laziness’ or ‘feelings of helplessness’ stops most people from taking action and using their full potential. Many people who have the desire to start a business never do so because of their self-doubt and fear of failure. Many people who experience adversity do not take the necessary actions to turn their life around because they feel too depressed or frustrated. In other words, NEGATIVE EMOTIONS are the main reason why people do not take action and realize their full potential.

Through the correct strategies and methods of investment, you are able to create your money making machine and possible to be financial freedom. Finally lets make your decision and commitment, learn from this training, plan and prepare yourself to make money form money. 


Update Date: 7 July 2013

Bull, bear or side way market, who care ?? Trade the trend using futures and CFD, you can long or short to gain profit as well as you are in right trend. Learn from us how to increase your trade winning chance.

Find our from us what shares to buy in Malaysia and world markets during the uncertainty period and earn consistent income. Learn about share market malaysia, how to buy stocks in malaysia and how to earn money from money.

Many people do not aware they actually lose money if they do not take action to learn the correct investment and trading skills.

Lose of money = opportunity x no action taken


Update Date: 30 June 2013

1) Philippines share market index achieved historical high of around 7400 points in May 2013, correction happen and hit temporary bottom of around 5750 points in June 2013. This is signaficant correction first time happened seen year 2009.

2) Thailand MSCI share market index achieved historical high of around 96 points in May 2013, correction happen and hit temporary bottom of around 72 points in June 2013. This is signaficant correction first time happened seen year 2011.

3) China SSE composite index crush below 1860 points in June 2013, first time since year 2009.

4) The S&P 500 ended session on 28 June 2013 with its strongest first half of any year since 1998 after reaching record highs in May 2013 on a rally underpinned by the Federal Reserve's massive monetary stimulus.